Our Story


Since the past is more beautiful, simpler and amusing, and tracking the course of development, openness and change is badly needed, that is why the notion of Al-Manchab Restaurant has come into existence.

It aims at combining a set of brilliant ideas that which have been collected and presented by some Qatari youths, who tasted the simplicity of the past and wanted to have more and more, in addition to indispensable grandeur of development and innovation.

Al-Manchab Restaurant aims at concentrating on the importance of taking pride in Qatari heritage and presenting it as it is. This, in turn, helps both of Qatari individual and society to get a benefit and be distinguished.

Al-Manchab Restaurant is not just a profit-project, but a genuine experience that which makes you realize the beauty of details and Qatari originality of hospitality.

Thus, the dream comes true and Al-Manchab Restaurant has been established. So, you can enjoy all traditional Qatari cuisines in the lap of simple past and in the depths of generous hospitality and its genuine style in the State of Qatar.


What we bring to you

We introduce Qatari Food Traditions and Culture to the world alongside Qatari Hospitality Inspired by our deep-rooted heritage.


What is Al-Manchab?

The word "Al-Manchab" stems from our colloquial simple Qatari dialect. It was widely used in the past, but scarcely in the present time. It is still used among the elder, who prefer to use the colloquial dialect, their traditions, and culture.

Al-Manchab means a wooden utensil which is used to serve food. It is used as a verb to mean “to prepare food for serving".   

Inspired by our Deep-rooted Heritage.

Al-Manchab Restaurant has been skillfully designed, combining between modernity and simplicity: its seats and distinct milieu with a blend of blue and white colors so as to connect the past with the present via some Qatari smart finish that which enriches your senses.  


Our Services

  • Serving in/outdoor orders sublime cuisines round the week.

  • Home delivery-orders via Carriage, Talabat, and Rafeeq Mobile Apps round the week.

  • Preparing sublime buffet for outdoor parties and events for individuals, government bodies and embassies.

  • Preparing sublime buffet for VIP.

  • Receiving delegations and tourists and giving them the chance to experience the Qatari hospitality.



Since you are not just customers, we do promise to please and satisfy your sublime taste! Expecting your suggestions and honorable visit!